August 7, 2012 - 4 minutes read

The meet and Greet with Hon. Alberto Gonzales was a great success!

Hundreds of Republicans came out to support the event.

Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Illinois Announces Relaunch With Special
Guest Speaker, Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales
During a kickoff event earlier this week that included RNC Secretary and National Committeewoman,
Demetra DeMonte and Former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of
Illinois (ILRNHA) announced the official re-launch of the Illinois Charter.

ILRNHA Chairman, Steve Orlando, was encouraged by the turnout: “Republican values are strong in the Hispanic
community, and I’m so excited to see so many new faces supporting those values. We were honored to host a
great man, Mr. Alberto Gonzales, for the flagship event of the new Illinois RNHA.”
The members of the Executive Board of the newly re-chartered Illinois RNHA are:
Chairman – Steve Orlando, Will County
1st Vice Chairman – Gil Ruiz, McHenry County
2nd Vice Chair – Rene Hernandez, Jr., Lake County
Secretary – Yvonne Bolton, Will County
Treasurer – Sal Barocio, Kendall County
RNHA National Committeewoman Mairim Smith, Cook County
RNHA National Committeeman Mark Aguilera, Cook County
Speakers for the event included ILRNHA Chairman, Steve Orlando; RNC Secretary, Demetra DeMonte;
Republican Chairman of DuPage County, Darlene Ruscitti; and Former Attorney General for the Bush
Administration, Alberto Gonzales.

Mr. Gonzales spoke of his time in the White House as a senior advisor and Attorney General to President George
W. Bush, and he spoke of the journey he took that got him there, reflecting on the breakfast his mother made him
as a child and how she felt making him that same breakfast years later: “Her son’s job was to give advice to the
most powerful man in the world. And I wonder what thoughts must have gone through her mind. My story just goes
to show, we truly live in a great country.”

Echoing Mr. Gonzales’ stories of the American Dream come true, Mrs. DeMonte spoke of her own experience
coming from a family of immigrants.

The stories shared by these distinguished guests speakers were stories of hope and encouragement as we
continue to work hard and fight for our families and our state.

“The Illinois RNHA is moving forward – reaching out to the Hispanic community in support of our local Republican
candidates and the principals upheld by the Republican Party. We look forward to a productive election cycle as
we continue to grow and work together for the good of our state, and our country,” said Orlando.

The mission of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly is to build a membership organization to foster the principles of
the Republican Party in the Hispanic community; provide Hispanic Americans with a forum to play an influential role in local,
state, and national Party activities; increase the number of Hispanic Republican elected officials; and create and maintain a
network of Hispanic Republican leaders.

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